Online safety

The RAI Film Festival 2021 is taking place online for the first time, and the programme includes a rich line-up of live online discussions as well as a wealth of pre-recorded material.

The live discussions are central to what we do: it is important to us and to our audiences that the online festival includes live events during which we can interact, have discussions, and benefit from the social aspect of the festival and conference-going experience.

It is important to us that the film festival and in particular the live discussions are a safe space for our audiences and guests. We want to foster a space where we treat each other with respect, dignity and kindness; where disagreement and debate are welcome when done in the spirit of engagement, but not in the spirit of antagonism. Harassment, bigotry and disrespect will not be tolerated, nor will any threatening speech or content.

Sadly, Zoom-bombing (the unwanted, disruptive intrusion, generally by Internet trolls) is a reality and one that we take very seriously.

To this end we have created a Zoom protocol that will keep participants safe while also allowing for the event to be as freely accessible as possible.

Zoom protocol:

  • Only people with a registered Zoom account are able to join. Please create a free Zoom account here before joining
  • All participants have to register for each live discussion
  • All live discussion sessions are set up with a waiting room
  • In the interest of privacy participants are allowed to anonymise themselves by switching off their video and by using an anonymous name
  • Anonymised participants are only allowed to ask a question through the chat function
  • Participants are only be allowed to use the chat function to communicate with the chair of the meeting
  • Participants cannot unmute themselves

    Participants can:
  • choose to be visible on video
  • ask questions via a private text chat visible only the discussion chair
  • ask questions in person if they are not anonymised by using the ‘raise hand’ button.

    People presenting obscene images and hate speech will be removed from the room immediately and reported to Zoom.

We would like to acknowledge the support and inspiration provided by the organisers of the Distribute 2020 virtual conference, and in particular Gabriel Dattatreyan who helped us develop our Zoom protocol.