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Directed by
Safi Faye

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105 minutes

29 March
Arnolfini, 7:30 PM
Special Interest

The work of pioneering Senegalese filmmaker and ethnologist Safi Faye is the subject of our Special Focus at the 16th RAI Film Festival. Mossane is one of her greatest achievements, and we present this special screening in collaboration with University of the West of England and the Arnolfini Centre for contemporary Arts.

In this powerful drama, a 14 year old girl in a rural Serer village girl finds herself torn between potential husbands. Mossane is an extraordinary beauty. She is in love with Fara, a young student, but she has been betrothed to another. She dislikes her rich fiancée, Diogoye, but he sends money and gifts to the villagers. Unable to follow her dreams and bound by tradition, Mossane takes action and tragedy ensues. Safi Faye’s beautifully shot film tells a universal story of love and loss, whilst offering rich insight into village life and Serer spirituality.

This screening will be followed by a discussion of Faye’s work and legacy. We are delighted to be welcoming acclaimed filmmaker Jenn Nkiru along with researchers Estrella Sendra (University of Southampton) and Lizelle Bischoff (University of Glasgow), in a conversation chaired by curator and writer Elizabeth Chege.

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