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Student showcases films made by the new generation of ethnographic filmmakers, often as part of doctoral projects
RAI/Basil Wright features the films competing for the top prizes at this year’s festival
Material Culture focuses on films with something to say about the way we engage with our material world
Intangible Culture explores worlds of music, dance, performance, and ritual
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Shorts is new for 2019, and celebrates the best in short-form ethnographic filmmaking as a cauldron of innovation


Directed by
Lasse Lau

Countries of production

Year of production

Black and white, colour or both

70 minutes

29 March
Cinema 1, Watershed 3:30 PM
RAI/Basil Wright

Denmark and Greenland have been tied together by a complex colonial relationship for centuries. Today, Greenlanders fight for autonomy, whilst acutely aware of their economic dependence on the “mother country.” Danish artist and filmmaker Lau reflects on an emerging postcolonial consciousness in Denmark’s northern empire, and on the possibility of knowing Greenland. How can a Dane know Greenland, enshrined as it is in myth and fantasy? How can the native Greenlander know its own land, after so many generations of foreign rule? Lau attempts to represent an authentic Greenlandic experience by watching and listening intently to its natives over the course of a long-term research project, crafting a film rich with their voices, their beautiful landscapes, and an emerging political awareness.

Location(s) depicted

Language(s) of film subjects

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