The RAI Film Festival conference is operating an opt out policy for recording panels, so the default
position will be that all panels will be recorded.

AV recordings of the panels/sessions and conference content WILL BE RECORDED BY DEFAULT by
the conference organisers but others may not record content
(using external software/hardware).


– On request of a Panel Convenor e.g. to NOT record their panel sessions.
– On request of an individual Paper Presenter to not have their paper included in the
In such cases the Panel Convenor(s) or Paper Presenter must provide with the
following information ahead of the conference for their records:
– Which panel/sessions they wish NOT to be recorded? (These will be marked in the panel
explorer so attendees can see that this session is NOT being recorded.)
– Which paper they wish not to be included in the published recording.
Individuals can also opt out at any time after the conference and the recording of their paper will be
removed. Just contact

– Conference content is being recorded so delegates can see content they were unable to
attend live. Content will initially only be available to conference delegates, but may be
made available to a wider audience (not just delegates) in the future.
– The recording will be posted within the panel explorer and conference website.
– The following Creative Commons licence will be applied (licences stipulate what others are
allowed to do with the recording once posted online):
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence: the recording can
only be shared in its original form (i.e. others cannot not take sections of the recording
and create and distribute an altered form of the work) and is used for non-commercial
purposes only.
– If a presenter opts-out they may still be filmed and edited out later.

The conference organisers will inform all delegates by email prior to the event that the content will
be recorded, inviting anyone who wishes to opt-out from being recorded to contact them.
The accountable person is responsible for post-production editing to ensure that any audience
member or panelist/presenter who wished not to be included in the film be edited out before
dissemination (e.g. posting online).