After Jean Rouch

by Caterina Sartori In 2017 the RAI Film Festival celebrated the 100th anniversary of Jean Rouch’s birth with a special event at Arnolfini gallery in Bristol; the screening of one of Rouch’s most renowned films, Moi, un noir, was followed by a round-table discussion with two eminent “Rouchologists”, Jean-Paul Colleyn and Paul Stoller. Additionally, Paul Henley, […]

David MacDougall Masterclass

The recording of the David MacDougall Masterclass (with Michael Steward and Colin Young) which took place at the 15th RAI FILM FESTIVAL 2017, is now available on Soundcloud. Back to BLOG

Modern Love in an Ancient World

An interview with Sharif El Ramly, scriptwriter of The Bride of the Nile by Shosha Adie People have been documenting Egyptian history for thousands of years through a myriad of different mediums, from papyrus to film. However, the most enduring feature of this human experience must be romance. Directed by Edouard Mills-Affif, The Bride of the Nile […]

Socotra, the Island of Djinns

An interview with Jordi Esteva, director of Socotra, The Island of Djinns by Edoardo Lomi Socotra: The Island of Djinns (2016) opens a window onto a changing world, whose isolation the film both reveals and dispels. Travelling to Socotra, says Esteva, “almost feels like travelling back in time.” Shepherds and gatherers have inhabited the caves of […]

The Archipelago

An interview with Benjamin Huguet, director of THE ARCHIPELAGO by Edoardo Lomi Benjamin Huguet’s film The Archipelago (2016) presents a day in the life of the whole history of the Faraoe islands. A small place in a sea of change, this archipelago between Iceland and Norway is known for its impressive volcanic landscapes, its immaculate green […]

From Snow to Sand: Kamerling on Capturing Change

An interview with Leonard Kamerling, co-director of CHANGA REVISITED By Shosha Adie “This was not just a story about Africa, Africans and the Maasai. It was a story about the indigenous people all over the world…” — Len Kamerling, producer of numerous award winning films, co-director of ‘Changa Revisited’ and curator of film at the University […]

Memory and Migration: Lampedusa in Winter

An interview with Jakob Brossmann, director of LAMPEDUSA IN WINTER By Samantha Dunn ‘Being a witness of the deadly European border policy and how to live with that, and how it influences people that are confronted with it all the time- that was kind of the question’ Situated between Italy and North Africa, the image of […]

Exploring Poverty through Personal Hygiene

An interview with Stefania Bona and Francesca Scalisi, directors of BATH PEOPLE By Charlotte Harding Six years ago, filmmaker Stefania Bona stumbled upon a hidden architectural gem on the streets of Turin, Italy. “It was like an abstract vision,” says Bona of the fateful sighting, “it was a very grey and cloudy day, and I saw […]


An interview with Alejandro Fernández Mouján, director of DAMIANA KRYYGI By Samantha Dunn Alejandro Fernández Mouján is an Argentine filmmaker who alongside his wife, anthropologist Susana Margulies, decided to follow the restoration of the remains of an indigenous Aché girl to her community, one hundred years after her death. Director Fernández Mouján explores the genocide […]