Eurorama 2019: The Best of Europe’s Ethnographic Film Festivals in London

Join us at the RAI as we present a selection of the best films that screened at the most recent editions of Europe’s ethnographic film festivals. Eurorama is an initiative led by Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina in collaboration with Trento Film Festival and Royal Anthropological Institute. Each spring, Eurorama showcases the […]

Sensory Ethnography and Nocturnal Worlds at RAI Film Festival

Two “sensory ethnographies” drew us into the darkness at this year’s RAI Film Festival. Festival Reporter Ozy Coombes-Cowell spoke to the directors of NIISHII丨Night Worlds and Guardians of the Night to trace the techniques that underpin these sensuous engagements with nocturnal life. we wanted to think about the night from a sensorial perspective – and […]

16th RAI Film Festival Prize Winners

Who triumphed at the 16th RAI Film Festival? See below to see which films our judges awarded prizes to. Royal Anthropological Institute Film Prize Awarded biennially since 1980, this prize is for `the most outstanding film on social, cultural and biological anthropology or archaeology’. The value of the prize is £500. Winner: Of Love and […]

In Person at the RAI Film Festival

We are delighted that dozens of filmmakers and world-leading thinkers will attend our biannual celebration of ethnographic film in Bristol 27-30 March. Here is who you can expect to meet at the Festival. (N.B. this list is subject to change) wednesday 27 march Filmmakers participating in screening Q&As: William Mitchell Russ (Lead actor, Edge of the Knife) Vitor […]

7 Great Posters at the RAI Film Festival

The 16th RAI Film Festival Programme is packed with stunning and innovative films. Many of these also have stunning, innovative posters. Festival Manager David Edgar picks his favourites.  Kalès  The Raven and the seagull(LYKKELÆNDER) tara’s footprint(la huella de tara) Horror in the andes abu The mount of ants(il monte formiche) edge of the knife

Around Latin America at the RAI Film Festival

From the Andean highlands to the Amazon basin and down to Chile, there is a particular rich selection of films from Latin America this year’s RAI Film Festival. Festival Reporter Kamila Kordys discovers that filmmakers in the region are pioneering collaborative approaches that put participants’ voices at the heart of their work, and recommends four […]

Three to See at RAI Film Festival if You’re in the Mood For Love <3

These aren’t quite romcoms, but thoughtful and sensitive explorations of the diversity of love and kinship in different cultures across the world, and the forces that frustrate its pursuit. Festival Reporter Sophie Haxworth picks three to see. of love and law Whats love got to do with it? “When I think of family, it’s you.” […]

Three to See at RAI Film Festival – Women’s Stories

On International Women’s Day, we take a moment to celebrate the strong female presence at this year’s upcoming RAI Film Festival (27 – 30 March). The programme overflows with women’s stories, illuminating an incredible diversity of experience across the globe. And, we are proud to say, over half of the films in this year’s RAI […]

Three to See at RAI Film Festival if You’re Interested in… Oral Storytelling and Mythology

Oral storytelling traditions – whether manifesting through speech or song, through myth, folk tales, ballads, chants, prose or verse – can be a rich resource for filmmakers. Several films at this year’s RAI Film Festival demonstrate the powerful result when oral traditions and cinema interact. Festival Reporter Kathryn Case recommends three to watch. Edge of the Knife […]

Three to See at RAI Film Festival if You’re Interested in… Environmental Activism

Environmental activism, often led by indigenous communities, is a strong theme at this year’s RAI Film Festival. Festival Reporter Ozy Coombes-Cowell recommends three to watch.  AWAKE, A VIEW FROM STANDING ROCK What’s it about? The film documents the massive peaceful resistance led by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to the Dakota Access Pipeline through their land and underneath […]