Film titles

Sacred Harp Singers
The Sacred Thresh
Sahar’s Wedding
A Saint from New York
The Sakuddei
Saliendo Adelante
Sangita Priya: Lover of Music
Scenes of Afghan Music: London, Kabul, Hamburg, Dublin
Scenes of Resistance
The School and the Village
Sea Boundary
The Second Red Line
The Secret of the Stone
Seed and Earth
Self Defence
Sermiligaag 65°54'N, 36°22'W
The Shackles of Tradition - Franz Boas (1858-1942)
Shade Seekers and The Mixer
A Sheepherder's Homecoming
Shepherds in the Cave
Sherpas of Nepal
The Shilluk of Southern Sudan
Shinjuku Boys
Shonar Bangla
Shooting Freetown
The Short Happy Life of the Poklad
The Shrimpers
Sifinja - The Iron Bride
Silk, Muthappar and VHS: Portraits from South India
The Silvesterchläuse of Hundwil
The Silvesters of Urnäsch
Sin tierra, no somos Shuar
Since the Company Came
Singing Pictures - Women Painters of Naya
Sisters in Law
The Skills You Passed On
A Small Light
Small Man of the Forest
Smell the Roses
Socotra, the Island of Djinns
Some Alien Creatures
Some Women of Marrakech
Song Family Village Takes a Bride
Sons of Haji Omar
Sons of the Moon
Sophia and Her People
Southeast London Ethnography - Three Student Films: Anglesea Road; The Good Ol' Days; Talk of Trade
A Spark in Him
Spear and Sword: a Payment of Bridewealth on the Island of Roti
Speeding the Plough in Stilfs
Spring in Dickinson’s Reach
St. Anthony Bonfires in Mamoiada
St. Martin’s Bonfires in Predazzo
St. Nicholas’ Night in Val di Fassa
Staging a Return
Standing Places
Steel Lives
Still Life
Stockman's Strategy
The Storyteller
Strange Beliefs - Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard (1902-1973)
Street Fiction
A Summer Task
Sundanese Culture Alive
Sunny and the Dark Horse
Suspend your Beliefs
Sweeping Evil Away in Rauris
The Sweet Life and All That Goes With It
Swings and Roundabouts
Séance Reflections with Richard Werbner