Interviews with filmmakers taking part in the 15th RAI FILM FESTIVAL 2017.

Researched and written by anthropology students: Shosha Adie; Chiara Coppola; Samantha Dunn; Edoardo Lomi; Charlotte Harding.

Modern Love in an Ancient World - An interview with Sharif El Ramly, scriptwriter of The Bride of the Nile by Shosha Adie People have been documenting Egyptian history for thousands of years through a myriad of different mediums, ... read more
Socotra, the Island of Djinns - An interview with Jordi Esteva, director of Socotra, The Island of Djinns by Edoardo Lomi Socotra: The Island of Djinns (2016) opens a window onto a changing world, whose isolation the ... read more
The Archipelago - An interview with Benjamin Huguet, director of THE ARCHIPELAGO by Edoardo Lomi Benjamin Huguet’s film The Archipelago (2016) presents a day in the life of the whole history of the Faraoe ... read more
From Snow to Sand: Kamerling on Capturing Change - An interview with Leonard Kamerling, co-director of CHANGA REVISITED By Shosha Adie “This was not just a story about Africa, Africans and the Maasai. It was a story about the indigenous ... read more
Memory and Migration: Lampedusa in Winter - An interview with Jakob Brossmann, director of LAMPEDUSA IN WINTER By Samantha Dunn ‘Being a witness of the deadly European border policy and how to live with that, and how it ... read more
Exploring Poverty through Personal Hygiene - An interview with Stefania Bona and Francesca Scalisi, directors of BATH PEOPLE By Charlotte Harding Six years ago, filmmaker Stefania Bona stumbled upon a hidden architectural gem on the streets of ... read more
COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD - An interview with Alejandro Fernández Mouján, director of DAMIANA KRYYGI By Samantha Dunn Alejandro Fernández Mouján is an Argentine filmmaker who alongside his wife, anthropologist Susana Margulies, decided to follow ... read more
HOW TO MAKE A FILM ABOUT SEX WORKERS WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE SEEN - AN INTERVIEW WITH NICOLA MAI, DIRECTOR OF “TRAVEL” By Charlotte Harding Nicola Mai has solved somewhat of an ethical conundrum with his latest film Travel. A sociologist, ethnographer and filmmaker, ... read more
LOVE & LOSS ACROSS BORDERS - AN INTERVIEW WITH TROND WAAGE, DIRECTOR OF “LIVING WITH BOKO HARAM” By Charlotte Harding At the time "Living with Boko Haram" was filmed, the terrorist organisation was the deadliest in the ... read more
CHUKCHI, OR NOT CHUKCHI? THAT IS THE QUESTION - AN INTERVIEW WITH LIIVO NIGLAS, CO-DIRECTOR OF "THE JOURNEY TO THE MAGGOT FEEDER" By Shosha Adie Liivo Niglas is a filmmaker and ethnologist who grew up near the small town ... read more